Delivery of Carbon Black to your plants is a base on which we build our services. Each requirement of our partners is thoroughly analysed and proper solution implemented.

Integration of supply chain

We are able to transport, provide customs service, reload, store and analyse Carbon Black that you entrust us with. You only need to specify product, quantity and date/time, we take care of the rest.

Process-based services

We are able to follow specific Quality-of-Service requirements to adjust to your process management system. We understand the need of fluent transfer of information necessary to optimize your processes.

Value-added processing

We are able to perform blending of different Carbon Black grades according to your requirements. Detailed characteristics of the final product are immediately available in our on-site laboratory.


We have patented a unique system of reloading and conveying – where Carbon Black is reloaded using only gravity, with no pneumatic/hydraulic forces involved. We separate fine dust and metallic/non-metallic impurities during the reloading process. We are planning to grow our reloading capacity by installing three additional reloading and conveying systems in transloading bases.



Our transport capabilities enables us to provide Just-In-Time deliveries to factories located in the whole Europe. Precise GPS monitoring system installed in our silo trucks allows on-line monitoring of delivery progress.

Own storage

Own warehouses allow us to buffer required volumes of Carbon Black to adjust to your flexible production schedules – we are always ready for your unexpected orders.

Coverage of distribution centres

From our locations we are able to make deliveries to your plants located throughout Europe with minimal lead times and at reasonable cost.

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