We deliver Carbon Black in bulk with silo trucks, in big-bags or polyethylene 25kg bags according to your requirements. Deliveries in railway hoppers are also possible.


Our fleet of 130+ silo trucks dedicated to Carbon Black deliveries is equipped with GPS modules allowing for precise monitoring of their position and completion of your orders. Combined-freight capabilities that we utilize to deliver CB in big bags have industry-top levels of service and have frequently completed very demanding orders to meet your flexible schedule.

YATU – quality, sustainability, reliability

Carbon Black produced by Yaroslavskiy Tekhnicheskiy Uglerod is renowned for stability of its technical characteristics. During 50+ years of operation, its engineers have perfected the manufacturing process and earned industry-wide recognition for integrity and purity of their Carbon Black.


We are proud to inform you that Yaroslavl and MAKROchem have complied with REACH requirements that will provide you, our valued customer, with an uninterrupted business with regard to the European Union regulations. Our registration has been successfully approved by European Chemical Agency in Helsinki and the registration number for Carbon Black has been assigned.

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