MAKROchem, basing on its commercial experience of 20 years, is the first-choice CARBON BLACK partner for rubber and tire industry. Our three transloading stations, 130+ silo trucks and scalable big bag transport capability allow us to serve our partners in EU and overseas on an end-to-end basis - directly to their plants, Just-In-Time and with high level of quality of the product.

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Carbon Black Only

Our “CARBON BLACK ONLY” motto means that we do not use our warehouses, reloading facilities and silo trucks for storing, transporting or reloading of any other material than pure CB. This allows us to ensure that the product ordered is the product delivered with no questions regarding its purity and integrity.

Quality + ISO

Our facilities are equipped with digitally operated controls that enable full supervision over the reloading process. On-site laboratory performs routine tests for chemical and physical characteristics such as iodine adsorption number, sieve residue, oil absorption, individual pellet hardness, etc. Frequent audits lead by our business partners confirm highest quality of our methods.

We are pleased to inform you that since 1999 we have strictly followed the rules of ISO 9001:2015 covering all Carbon Black – related activities.

ISO 9001 Certificate

ISO 14001 Certificate


MAKROchem is a privately-owned company operating from Poland since 1995. Among our Partners in rubber and tire industry we are known as a stable and reliable supply chain integrator. We own three transloading stations in Poland and offices in Poland, Russia and Ukraine. We develop new transloading bases in the USA and in the Balkans area.

We have been awarded several prizes in recognition of our business performance:

Diamenty Forbes Gazele Biznesu

What we have done so far

What we will do

History of operation

During 20 years of commercial activity of MAKROchem, our sales volumes have been subject to dynamic growth. In recent years we have also been providing transloading services to our Partners.


Our warehousing capacity is subject to dynamic growth. In 2015 we plan to increase it from 310’000mt to 560’000mt. We intend to launch additional three transloading stations in our existing bases to increase their throughput capacity within the next 12 months.

Operational capabilities

We are able to deliver 300’000mt of Carbon Black per year. Our logistic processes enable us to serve major rubber and tire industry players in multiple locations on Just-In-Time basis as well as plants with lower capacity and demand.


Our vision is to become the preferred Carbon Black integrated supply chain partner to rubber, tire, plastics and pigment companies in Europe and overseas.


We strive to seamlessly supply our Partners with products they require, acting reliably and responsibly as we were a part of their business, just as we believe we are.


To follow Voice-of-Customer requirements in order to achieve perfection in:

  • Product quality
  • Delivery time and punctuality
  • Geographical coverage
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